With the clock ticking on the General Data Protection Regulation enforcement date, many companies are rushing to deal with the various issues around compliance – legal basis for processing, data mapping, risk assessments, privacy policies, dealing with Subject Access Requests, etc.

In the rush to develop policies and procedures that will satisfy the legal department (and hopefully the regulator), many companies overlook one of the most vital elements of data protection – user awareness.

It’s all very well having an IT department and a Data Protection Officer or similar who are subject matter experts on GDPR, but if your employees at all levels don’t know their obligations when handling personal data, there is a huge hole in your data protection plan and you are wide open for GDPR breaches.

In an ideal world you would have a comprehensive training plan in place to familiarise employees with the basics of data protection and specific requirements under GDPR, but depending on the size of your organisation and your training budget, you may not have the time or resources to deliver this prior to 25th May.

So what can you do right now to help get your people familiar with GDPR? One solution would be to use some existing video content that others have created to explain what GDPR is and the responsibilities that organisations have under it.

We’ve curated some of the best video content available on the Training and Awareness Video Page.

These are short, concise videos from reliable resources that cover the key concepts. There should be something suitable there for employees at all levels.

One of the best GDPR overview videos is the one from Moovly – this is a video creation service that allows subscribers to easily edit content videos like this so you can rebrand it and include additional content specific to your organisation. You can see the original clip at the top right side of this page.

Using Moovly, you can take pre-prepared content like this and easily rebrand and add your own content. If you don’t have the time or skills in-house to be able to create your own videos, tools like Moovly allow pretty much anyone to create a professional looking video. Great for building training and onboarding content that is easy to consume.

Have you found any more GDPR videos with good quality content? Let us know and we’ll add the best to the collection!

Moovly subscribers can easily transform the GDPR clip above into a branded, customised video for in house training and awareness like this one below…

As well as adding some basic branding, it would be a simple process to include information about your own privacy policies and procedures. This wouldn’t replace formal training in data protection and data privacy, but having content like this on your intranet is great for building awareness amongst staff and demonstrates your organisations efforts to comply with GDPR. You can get a free trial of Moovly here.