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GDPR – How will the ICO regulate it in the UK?

With the GDPR implementation date of 25th May rapidly approaching, many organisations are making a last-minute sprint to try to address outstanding compliance issues. You only have to take a look through your inbox to see a raft of messages informing you of updated...

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What’s new at the GDPR Portal

Lots of changes and new additions to the GDPR portal this week. We've added a news feed for regulatory news - this uses UK ICO and EU data and should catch key rulings and official guidance on GDPR. Separating this out from the general GDPR news feed means you...

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GDPR – Cost of Non-Compliance

What will be the cost of non-compliance with the GDPR? The only honest answer is that nobody knows at this stage. The regulation makes provision for fines up to €20m or 4% of global turnover, so the potential costs are substantial. However, it remains to be seen...

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GDPR News Feed

If you are a Data Controller or Data Protection Officer, one of the toughest jobs is keeping across sector news and filtering out the noise to get to the really valuable information. There are some things you want to know about - potential security flaws, relevant...

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Welcome to the GDPR Portal

Welcome to the GDPR Portal - the place to find resources for understanding and complying with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation. This site will build into a valuable resource where you can quickly find practical information, tools and service...

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