This collection of videos gives some expert views on GDPR, it's scope and the key elements of compliance. Some of these will mainly be of interest to Data Protection Officers and other information security professionals, but we'll also include some content that will be useful for employee awareness of GDPR and data security in general.

Information Commissioner's Office Intro to GDPR - 19 Mins

The UK ICO’s Head of Policy delivery gives an intro to GDPR and the 12 steps organisations should be taking to ensure compliance.

PwC on the Key Components of GDPR - 5 Mins

Stewart Room, Global Head of Data Protection at PwC Legal, discusses the new General Data Protection Regulation

IBM's GDPR Overview - 6 mins

A good, brief overview of the scope of GDPR from IBM. This could be used to help brief non-technical managers and executives on GDPR.

Educate employees about GDPR - 2 min 20 sec

This quick GDPR video from Moovly could be a good starting point for your employee awareness programme.