These videos cover basic training and awareness of data protection in general and GDPR in particular. Some of these might be useful to include in an employee awareness programme or onboarding for new employees.

Educate employees about GDPR - 2 min 20 sec

This quick GDPR video from Moovly could be a good starting point for your employee awareness programme. Videos like this can be rebranded for your organisation and custom content added.

Education - GDPR Awareness for School Staff - 2.5 mins

GDPRiS video aimed at schools gives a good, brief description of GDPR and what staff need to be aware of. There are more GDPR resources for schools on the GDPRiS site.

Mischon de Reya - GDPR Overview - 2 mins

Quick summary of the General Data Protection Regulation. Good for general employees and also a good intro for non-technical managers.

Mishcon de Reya - GDPR Obligations - 2 mins

Quick summary of employee obligations under GDPR when handling personal data. You’ll need more detail, but a good starter.

Mischon de Reya - Rights under GDPR - 2 mins

Quick summary of data subject rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. Good one to add to the employee awareness collection.

Roskilde Universitet - What is GDPR? - 4 mins

A user-centric overview of GDPR. This video was created as part of a Danish University project to explain the GDPR in simple terms.