This collection of videos is mainly intended for Data Protection Officers, Data Controllers, Data Processors and other Data Protection Professionals.

Information Commissioner's Office - Introduction to GDPR - 19 Mins

The UK ICO’s Head of Policy delivery gives an intro to GDPR and the 12 steps organisations should be taking to ensure compliance.

Microsoft - Understanding GDPR and your options with Office 365 - 14 mins

Office 365 user? This video shows how Microsoft helps 365 users meet GDPR compliance requirements. 

UK Department for Education - GDPR Guidance for Schools - 6 mins 20 secs

If you work in the education sector this short video from the UK’s Department for Education gives a good overview of what schools need to be doing to comply with GDPR.

GDPRiS - Education - Legal Basis for Processing - 3 mins

Another one for the Education Sector. This short video from GDPRiS covers the Legal Basis for Processing for schools.

ICO - GDPR Preparation - Public Sector - 59 mins

This video is from the 2017 Data Protection Practitioner’s Conference and covers GDPR in the public sector.

GDPR Awareness Coalition - Privacy by Design - 2 mins

A short video from Ireland’s GRPR Awareness Coalition with some considerations for ‘Privacy by Design’.